“With unstoppable energy and seemingly endless patience Suzy provides the rarest of things – an opportunity for kids to experience communicating in a group setting through music. They write songs, work on arrangements and play all kinds of instruments. They learn to listen to other instruments while they are playing. They get to be creative with music! Not only do our kids LOVE it, but it is providing a foundation for them to enjoy music throughout their whole lives.”- Kristin, Rock Band Mom 

"Barb and Suzy didn’t coddle us - despite working with them at such a young and impressionable age, they treated us as if we were professionals and had our own ideas on which we could build together. No matter how many years since, I always go back to what I had learned then.- Mishael Eusebio, Canadian Tenor and recent graduate of The Juilliard School

“I have worked closely with Barbara for many years, and there is always something new to be learned in her lessons. She always takes the time with you personally with whatever you may need. Barbara is someone who pushes you so that you can reach your full potential. She will give you nothing less. Barbara is not only a teacher but a mentor, and her advice has helped me many times throughout my career. She creates a safe environment for artists to explore, create, and be who they are.” Dallis Brinkman, Musical Theatre Performer. Graduate of St. Clair College’s Music Theatre program.

"James really helped me take my guitar playing from the basics to a much more comprehensive understanding of my instrument, and musical theory in general. Without what I learned from James I'm sure I wouldn't have had the confidence to pursue music as a career, let alone get accepted into music programs for my post-secondary education"- Julian (age 18), currently enrolled in music at Mohawk College

"Barb was the first figure I really looked up to. She inspired me to become not just a performer, but an artist at heart."  -Kryslyne-Mai Ancheta, Emerging Toronto Musical Theatre Performer, Graduate of The Randolph Academy’s Pre-College program. Second year vocal major at York Univerity.

"Suzy orchestrates incredible music-making experiences for young people. Our son is happy every week when 'rock band day' arrives”- Kathleen, Rock Band Mom

“Suzy Wilde and Barbara Johnston are artists and teachers fully immersed in our industry, and their teaching styles are rooted in practical experience.  They helped me discover and hone my ‘contemporary voice’, which, in an industry where commercial pop music theatre is flourishing, has increased my adaptability and versatility as a performer”.     -Gray Monzka, Musical Theatre Performer. Selected credits include: Matilda (US National Tour), Anne of Green Gables/Mamma Mia(Charlottetown Festival), Graduate of Sheridan College’s Musical Theatre Program.

Barb was one of my greatest influences when I chose to pursue performing arts. She empowered me to see that my potential as an artist was way beyond the confines of the box I had placed myself in, and for that, I am so grateful!” -Skye Rogers, Musical Theatre Performer and recent graduate of The Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts.)

"It's amazing how Suzy can teach us so many instruments!"- Liam (age 11)

"Suzy is the reason that I stuck with music all my life. She gave me the courage to start performing, and the confidence to start singing- something I was terrified to do but I now find myself doing constantly." -Julian (age 18), currently enrolled in music at Mohawk College

“The very foundation of courage to pursue the arts stems from Barb...Barb taught me to look up, to boldly dream and to embrace the unknown... This advice has never failed me. -Kryslyne-Mai Ancheta, Emerging Toronto Musical Theatre Performer, Graduate of The Randolph Academy’s Pre-College program. Second year vocal major at York Univerity.

"I remember the first time I met Barb. I was 9 years old doing a summer camp at the high school I eventually enrolled in. They were auditioning young kids to sing a part in a song from Charlie Brown. I didn’t get the singing part but it was a great first experience with singing. Fast forward 5 years and I was taking singing lessons with her as well as training with her at Wexford. We spent weeks working on a single song and at the recital for the all the singers taking lessons, I brought the house down with “If I Can’t Love Her” from Beauty & the Beast. I thought about where I had come from 5 years prior and how comfortable and free I felt about singing at this point and it’s all thanks to her! I still use that song in my repertoire."-Daniel McCormack (3 rd year acting major at George Brown College).

“This was a really fun learning experience for my 11 year old daughter. Mondays became her favourite day of the week!”- Antony, Rock Band Dad

“I had experience playing cello, piano, and drums, but in the rock band I got the opportunity to play new instruments, which was really nice” -Pablo (age 12)